Summary: Make it hard for your volunteers to walk away. Establish relationships and show them value so it is “worth it” for them to stay in ministry with you.

There is a set of scales in the secret spaces of our volunteers’ minds. One side reads, “Worth It” while the other side reads, “Not Worth It”. Each week, marbles get added. As you might expect, when the scale falls hard to one side, your volunteers will approach and say, “I think God is calling me to do something different.” Game over.

The cost to their life, the time it took and more tipped the scales. Yet, there are variables we can influence. Listen, I want to make it hard for them to walk away. I want to make it hard for volunteers to leave. Great relationships with other volunteers makes people WANT to stay. A stimulating and appropriately challenging volunteer role makes people WANT to stay. Being in an area of supreme gifting makes people WANT to stay. Being appreciated for serving makes people WANT to stay.

I want to make it hard to leave. I want people to WANT to stay.

Lead Volunteers is a marble-filled resource, allowing you to creatively and continually add marbles and make the wonderful experience of serving the Lord "Worth It”. LEADVOLUNTEERS helps you get organized, stops the revolving door of volunteers and prevents burnout.

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