Summary: Stories inspire and compel us. As a leader in ministry, you must collect and share stories of ministry success to encourage and inspire all of your volunteers.

Stories matter. Stories inspire. Stories compel us. As leaders in ministry, we must be collectors, curators and conveyors of stories. Great things are happening all around your ministry. A kid came back to church after being gone for 7 months, a volunteer remembered their name and their face lit up. This is a winning story.

Yet the power of a story lies in that story being retold. A fellow volunteer might gain inspiration and motivation to learn the names of kids in their group because of the simple victory of another volunteer. Are you collecting stories? Are you curating stories and putting them on display? Be a megaphone for the small victories of your volunteers. Create a scalable system to gain stories and pass those stories to others. Lead Volunteers is here to help you win in ministry. We are here to help you create a repeatable system and make ministry easier for you.

LEADVOLUNTEERS helps you get organized, stops the revolving door of volunteers and prevents burnout.

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