Summary: Venture out of your specific ministry area and make yourself known to new groups of people in your church.

When was the last time you were caught outside the children’s ministry wing of your church? When was the last time you made an appearance in the adult Sunday school classroom, even for a moment. You need to rub shoulders with people currently NOT serving in your area. Here is a radical idea: Consider sitting in a different section of church during worship.

I know, I know, that is radical. But trust me when I say that you will be instantly exposed to an entirely new group of people. We are all creatures of habit. People typically sit in the exact same seat and row of a church for 20+ years. As a leader in the church, shake it up a bit and make the rounds. Sit somewhere new and let your presence be known.

Out of sight is typically out of mind. Stop the “ministry of invisibility” and get around some fresh faces.