Summary: As a leader of volunteers, you constantly worry about volunteer burn out. But you may find yourself in a place of burn out as ministry encroaches on your personal life and quality of life.

Here is a reality when it comes to leading volunteers. You constantly worry about volunteers burning out. I get it. That was my biggest fear when I oversaw a team of 450 volunteers, scores of people to pull off live events and more. We work tirelessly to ensure volunteers do not experience burnout. This fear of you burning out volunteers is top of mind for you on a weekly basis.

Before long, however, your mind begins to shift from volunteer burnout. You begin to worry about YOUR OWN burn out. I have met that villain burnout. I have been away from family when I needed to be home. I have taken calls that were urgent but ultimately were less important. Ministry encroached on my personal life and my quality of life. Has this happened to you?

Do you have any ministry battle wounds and scars where ministry burnout and that feeling over-extended sought to take you out? But the show must go on and you have roles to fill. The candle is burning at both ends. Your family is being dogged out. You are either losing weight from the stress or you are adding weight from the stress. These are simply symptoms of an impending burnout.

One of my personal goals with building the Lead Volunteers course is to provide a path for sustainable ministry. This is an achievable goal. Trust me. But some of the responsibility falls on you. Betterment is not passive. Betterment is active. However, you do not need to do it alone.

Let me help you. Join the Lead Volunteers team and let’s start YOUR personal betterment as a leader of volunteers TODAY.