Summary: It is normal for ministry leaders to ask themselves “is it worth it?” as they work through their many tasks and to dos. It is worth it! But you can do the work you are called to with a healthy team working with you.

Leading volunteers is filled with pressure. But it is not what most people would think. It’s not the pressure the volunteers put on you. It’s that this role requires THIS MANY volunteers. You begin to wonder “Is this even worth it?”

Here is the thing. I will guarantee you have asked that question. Is this truly worth this cost? It may be 11:42pm and you are the last dog standing. You are now alone picking up pieces of leftover popcorn from the event you led. Sometimes you feel alone and just are exhausted. You have that question arise again. Is this worth it?

First, let me say this directly to you. YOU ARE NORMAL. This is not abnormal. If you have felt like throwing in the towel, you are experiencing a good case of the normal. I need you to hear this! I need to hear that you are normal. For me, it is so helpful to hear I am not crazy. My mind is not the ONLY one filled with thoughts of just quitting and walking away from these hard things. Your mind is not the only one wondering if it is really worth it.

Now let me plant a different seed in your mind. It is worth it. This is the Kingdom of God. You will receive treasure untold for toiling for His purposes.

But what if there was a way to labor for the Lord in a way that does not cause you to want to throw in the towel. Why in the world would any of us be standing there alone at 11:42pm? We all need a team. I am here to help you. You do NOT have to lead alone. Part of YOUR health is having a healthy team. I want you to envision a group of people surrounding you, supporting you and they just feel like family. You deserve a team.

I want to invite you on a path toward that healthier future. Lead Volunteers is a powerful course that gives you a proven path toward building a healthy volunteer ministry team. Join the Lead Volunteers family today. Let’s do this.