Summary: You know that it is important to share the vision and the need of your ministry. But it can be so hard to accomplish that when your week is filled with innumerable ministry tasks. Use our “Done For You” resource to help!

You know you need to share more VISION and share the need. Yet the bigger problem is that people are just checking out. Now we are left alone holding an empty piece of paper with no names and no volunteers. Sharing vision is paramount. We need to remind them why this is so important and why they are so valuable to carrying out the Kingdom mission. We need to be adding to volunteers as they are giving out.

Let’s think of a bucket with a ¼ inch hole in the bottom and water leaking out at a particular rate. So many leaders wonder why their volunteers are empty, barren and parched. The ¼ inch opening is GIVING OUT water constantly. Each week, your volunteers are being poured out. However, if you as their leader are only PUTTING IN water through an 1/8 inch hose, of course they are going to go dry! You need the amount you are pouring IN to be at least equal to what they are giving OUT.

The Lead Volunteers Course has dozens of instantly implementable resources to connect with and add value to your volunteers. This is a “Done for You” resource and not a “Do it Yourself” resource. Literally, you can print and implement. You can print off over 50 scripture cards. Place one in your pocket THIS WEEK and verbally share vision with as many people as you possibly can.

We have made it simple. We made it the way it should be! This is a “Done For You” resource. I cannot wait to provide value to YOU as you seek to provide value YOUR volunteers. We have so many ways to support the busy ministry leader that it is hard to quantify. Lead Volunteers helps make the hard work of ministry easier.