Summary: One of the hardest seasons of a ministry leader is when volunteers stop serving in your ministry. It can be a difficult cycle. Lead Volunteers can help you through coaching, developing a plan, and having someone who’s been there in your corner.

Have you ever had that horrible season when volunteers are dropping like flies? You ask yourself, “Is it me? Is it a weird and busy season for people? Is God trying to tell me something?” Then another good volunteer quits. So much is lost when a good volunteer says, “I think God is calling me to do something different”. Your heart sinks. Why?

Well, you know that it is so time consuming to START OVER with someone new. Now we go right back to the starting block and do it all over again. It’s a terrible cycle. You begin to feel like the guy in Dante’s Inferno, who’s plight is to push a huge boulder up a huge hill only for it to roll right back down before it reaches the top. Over and over the cycle goes. You feel like you are stuck somewhere between an impossibility and a cruel form of mental torture.

I want to tell you of a better day. There is a day coming when you WILL push that rock up onto a plateau. It does NOT need to be an uphill battle forever. I know it is hard. And sometimes, it brings tears. Do not quit.

Here is what I have to offer you. It may not be much. I offer you myself. I give you my friendship through this Lead Volunteers course and through these videos and through the Lead Volunteers coaching platform. I am here to help. I built this to help. You need someone in your corner who has been there. You need someone who has found a way OUT of the insanity. Let me help you. I want to invite you to join the Lead Volunteers Community and start gaining traction as a leader. It is time to get a plan. Let’s get that huge bolder up that hill. We can do this together.