Summary: When we spend all of our time recruiting, we cannot get to the bigger things. Having a healthy volunteer system will give you the margin you need to accomplish your ministry dreams.

Here is a painful reality: When we spend all of our time recruiting, we CANNOT GET TO THE BIGGER THINGS. If you are always recruiting and filling holes, you are not appreciating and developing those you already have. If you can’t keep those you already have, you will be sunk all over again.

Dream with me for a moment what you could do to shore up OTHER AREAS if you simply had your volunteer needs in a healthy place. Imagine with me the margin. Imagine that extra mental and emotional space. Maybe even a space to dream of the future and not be stuck in the present rut. What if you had margin at your fingertips? What would you try to move ahead? What would you do with that extra margin?

Someone out there likely whispered, “Take a Nap”. I get it. Would you do me a favor? Would you write down on a scrap of paper just one thing you would love to tackle or address if you had the time? Now I want you to envision that thing getting completed.

Through the Lead Volunteers Course you will get better. You will get organized. You will have a systematized plan for approaching recruiting, training and retaining volunteers. And that item or items you wrote down, yes, those items you only dream could get accomplished? You can make them a reality.

I want to personally invite you to take the next step. I want you to join the Lead Volunteers Community today. Lead Volunteers IS an investment. It will cost you some of your budget. Lead Volunteers will cost you some time. However, what is the cost of you NOT investing in yourself as a leader? What is NOT getting done because you lack a healthy volunteer system? Stop the chaos. Start dreaming again. Join Lead Volunteers and let’s do this thing…together.