Summary: You have likely been in a place where you felt as if you had exhausted all your resources and had no options for finding volunteers. Join us in Lead Volunteers to make steps forward in a strong ministry foundation.

Tell me if you have ever been in this space: You feel you have exhausted your relationships and resources. You do not even know where else you would go to find someone to volunteer with you. It feels like you have exhausted all of your resources.

Have you ever been there? You feel you have asked EVERYONE you know to ask and you are still coming up short. Somehow you feel like you have not been faithful to your post. You fear that if you do not find some people to serve with you, that you will be personally letting people and the church down.

You know that the appearance of an “Understaffed Ministry” causes people to view this as a potential “Failing Ministry”. This then self perpetuates like an uncontrolled SNOWBALL rolling down a hill. You fear losing face, embarrassment and possibly even being let go from your ministry position.

I have had these fears. I imagine you have had these fears as well. Here is my advice. Follow me into the Lead Volunteers Course. Come back and check it out again. Let’s take steps toward your growth. I want you to think of it this way. Those who have joined the Lead Volunteer Learning community are able to log into the site, watch a video, read a section, reflect, and add ONE MORE well laid brick in their future ministry house. I want to build that ministry house with you. I want to help you make every brick matter. I want you to set that next brick so solid and secure that it builds not only a foundation but a fortress for their future.

Here is the commitment: 45-minutes per week for 6 months. That is it. You work at your own pace. The material is yours for life. The material is completely linear and straightforward. Think of it as a mini-breakout session with me, Josh, once a week. Trust me, you will be glad you did. Join what others have found to be a helpful and healthy path toward Leading Volunteers. Join us today.