Summary: Volunteer leadership is delicate, and the heart of your ministry can take a hit if volunteers leave with a bad impression. It takes work to protect volunteer health and maintain a thriving ministry ecosystem.

Volunteer leadership is a very delicate thing. It is kind of like a very tender and delicate ecosystem where the balance is fragile. Just like a complex rainforest depends on certain species to remain in order for there to be health and sustainability. Ecosystems are fragile in many ways. You have an ecosystem at your church. You have the job of cultivating that garden and maintaining that tender balance.

Yet, it all begins to crumble when a key volunteer leaves with a bad taste in their mouth. And like an uncontrolled fire that spreads down the halls of the church, people start to ask the question, “Is there a problem here?” This in turn, leads to others who consider leaving as well. Morale is lowered and the entire heart of the ministry takes a hit.

It IS a tender ecosystem. So much of this weighs heavier when you are at a smaller or medium sized church. People notice challenges or problems and word spreads. “That ministry used to be so fun and encouraging. They used to seem so prepared and it is just not that way any more.” Potential volunteers see chaos and do not want to join. Things CAN quickly spiral out of control.

Here is the thing. We have a lot of things on our plates. However, the volunteer plate is likely the most important one. I want you to join me today and become a part of the Lead Volunteers Learning Community. I want to help you maintain your ministry health. Let’s make sure YOU are vigilantly protecting that fragile ecosystem called Volunteer Health. Join us today and start learning. is built for you, the ministry leader, to have all the tools you need to build a healthy volunteer ecosystem. Join today.