Summary: Have you ever been told about a new church endeavor that would require you to staff a program requiring even MORE volunteers? This could be on top of already managing untold pressures and relying on a team of people who give their time without pay. Ministry leadership can be hard and at times painful, but you don’t have to do it without support.

Have you even had one of those seasons where you feel you are walking into a sleet storm pushed by driving winds? You feel like your face is being pelted with small little ice daggers.
Listen, ministry can be hard. Not to mention, it doesn’t pay well. You have untold pressures and need a team of people willing to give their time without pay. Remember, our “staff teams” are volunteers and they do this for free.

When that driving storm includes being told by senior leaders that they are starting a new endeavor that will require MORE volunteers, a deeper sense of stress settles into your heart. I have sat in that chair. I can visualize it right now. I remember being told we were starting a Saturday service in 4 weeks and it needed a full scale Sunday school…or I suppose a SATURDAY school in this case. I was devastated. Not only did my workload instantly increase, my volunteer load did as well. Not to mention, I had just 4 weeks to make this happen.

Maybe you have been there as well. You enter into the “Gotta Make It Happen” mode. Yet, you are edging dangerously close to full-scale burnout. Those closest to us start feeling the brunt of this situation; our loved ones get hurt and feel abandoned. How is it that you feel I know you just a little too well? How is it that you feel I am somehow reading your journal or even reading your mind?

Here is how I know. I have lived it. I am sorry that it gets this hard and even painful. I am here to support you. The best way I can support you is to sit down with you and work through some of these things. Here is the cool thing, because of technology, we can meet and move your ministry ahead ANY TIME YOU you want.

I want you to join the Lead Volunteers Learning Community. Lead Volunteers is like a breakout session that is ready and waiting for you – anytime. Let’s do it. Let’s set a time, very soon, and make progress on your goals. We can meet through this platform each and every time YOU are ready. This is made for you. Join us today. Join Lead Volunteers and let’s get you prepared for whatever comes tomorrow.