Summary: A time is coming when you are going to need your leadership game to be a level up from where it is now. You don’t know what is to come or when the next challenge will be, but now is the time to be prepared for that next level.

I am not really a big sports guy, but I have been exercising pretty consistently for the last couple of years. At the place I work out, they have these things they call, “Bench Mark Challenges.” They are like annual “Check-Ins” to see if you are making progress. One is the “one-mile-challenge”. Umm, yes. Running a mile. I had not done this since they made us do it in junior high. The first one I ran was an 8 minute and 34 second mile. Not bad. But I was dying.

Here is the thing, these challenges come up just a few times a year. They do not tell you when the “Bench Mark Challenges” are scheduled. You just show up at the gym and BAM. You learn that is the day you are running the mile and they are marking your time. I ran my second one. I ran it in 7 minutes and 32 seconds. I shaved over a full minute off of my time. How did this happen? Well, I worked out 3-4 times a week and pushed just a little bit during each of those workouts. I did not over exert. I just did a little bit at a time. And, guess what? I got better.

A day is coming when you are going to NEED your leadership game to be higher than it is right now. You do not know when that time is coming, however. When it comes, the moments of “Should have...Could have...and Regrets” is pointless. It is time PLUS consistency of behavior that will yield results.

Join me. I want you to consider joining the Lead Volunteers Learning Community. Let’s hit the leadership gym. I do have one important promise, however: We will not be running the mile. Join Lead Volunteers today.