Summary: Lead Volunteers contains many funny and engaging video lessons that are full of crystal clear truths distilled to their essence.

I am a visual learner. I am a video guy. This is why we provide you with so many top quality videos through the Lead Volunteers Course. These videos are not only fun and engaging. These videos are NOT a 30-minute-sit-and-get-format with a talking head droning on and on.
Our Lead Volunteers video provides crystal clear truths, distilled to their essence. Quick and to the point.

Not only that, you have access to tons of downloadable resources. Our “Done For You” platform allows you to print and implement right now. Someone who has LIVED IN THE TRENCHES OF MINISTRY has created these resources at your fingertips. You do not have time to watch a 30-minute video where you are told all the great things you NEED to create. Being told what you NEED to create is not going to help you. You need a plug-and-play resource. We have built this for you — the one IN the trenches.

Now comes the part that I cannot do. Now comes the part that ONLY YOU CAN DO. It is time for you to Join the Lead Volunteers Learning Community and make another move toward your leadership growth. I made this resource for people just like you. You are a busy leader. You are hungry for more. You want an action-oriented program that is not simply rehashing the basics all over again. You are done with that. You need something stronger. This is why I created

This is not another entry-level ministry course that belabors the basics of leadership in another 30-minute talking head video. Nope. Ain’t nobody got time for that. We built this to be fast-paced, to-the-point teachings that push you to higher levels of leadership. Other courses are super long videos with a few basic leadership truths sprinkled in. You need something more and are likely ready for the next level. Join today.