Summary: Volunteers who have a great experience will want more of the Lord and will know that they can get more of him through serving him.

I want to have you leverage the Lead Volunteers Resource to its fullest capacity. I want you to SQUEEZE every last drop of value so you will grow strong in the Lord’s hand. I want your volunteers to be SO GRATEFUL that you are THEIR leader. I want them to be RUINED for normal after they have served with YOU. I want you to reset what they think is normal for how someone cares for a volunteer.

Here is the thing. A comparable resource to Lead Volunteers simply does not exist. There is nothing as thorough and comprehensive that you could find. And…we built this for you. I want you to get the most out of this resource. That is why I am reaching back out to you again and again. It matters to me that you get better. Here is the thing. There is a lot on the line. When people have a crappy experience serving as a volunteer, they get stunted. It hurts them! They now are not so sure about ever signing up to volunteer again. That ain’t right. What I want is for volunteers to have such a glorious experience that they just want more of the Lord and they KNOW they can get more of Him through serving HIM.

OK. It is time to SQUEEZE more out of life. Join today the Lead Volunteers Learning Community and make another advancement in your leadership.