Summary: Not only will you be refreshed in your purpose and calling, but you will get to lead other people to discover their purpose through serving God.

Here is what I am asking of God through this course: I want you to have a rebirth of your purpose and your calling. That sounds so refreshing to me. I made this so you could feel empowered in your calling.

Another thing I am asking God to do through the material: I want you to uncover the hidden passions of those you are leading. By and large, God’s people don’t have an understanding of who HE MADE THEM TO BE. I want YOU to be filled with wonder, all over again, as your volunteers discover who THEY were created to be. Let me help you do that. I want you to step into your deeper purpose as a leader. Your job is to build up the body to do the work of the ministry. Your job is to lead OTHER people to discover THEIR PURPOSE. You get to…you do not have to…you GET to help others find their highest joy through serving Him.

Part of that rebirth in your calling is gaining access to the Lead Volunteers material. It is time to take another run at upping your game. This material will increase your abilities. Join the Lead Volunteers Learning Community and let’s make the most of your one and only life.