Summary: Leading by yourself is a very lonely place. But God provides many different ways for encouragement and growth.

Leading by yourself is a very lonely place. We must aggressively pursue people who will further our personal growth. I have three questions for you. Question one: Do you really want to grow? Seriously? Don’t just quickly answer that question. Honestly, do you really want to grow?

Question two: Do you believe God wants you to grow. The bible says that the eyes of the Lord are searching to and fro the earth to find someone upon whom He can show Himself faithful. Notice that it does not say that He is looking to and fro the earth to find someone who is faithful. No. He is looking to and fro the earth searching for someone upon whom He can show Himself faithful. He wants to find someone who will take the risk and trust Him so that He can show Himself faithful.

Question three: Are you willing to take steps towards your growth? God has provided mentors, father figures, and friends in my life to help me grow. Growth comes in many ways. I have met people face-to-face who helped me to grow. I have read over 30 different missionary biographies of dead heroes of the faith who inspired me long after they were gone. I have taken online courses and have been mentored by strong digital voices. Mentors can come from the most unlikely places.

Do you want to grow? Do you think God wants you to grow? Are you willing to take the steps towards your own growth. I want to invite you to meet with ME through Lead Volunteers. Let me be a mentor or a voice in your life. Lead Volunteers has over 73 different videos that are 3-4 minutes long. I have created this program as a digital mentorship for you.

LEAD VOLUNTEERS is a digital resource so you can level jump in your own personal growth.  Let me become your mentor and help you grow.

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Summary: Do the hard work of creating a healthy ministry culture for future success in volunteer recruitment.

Today I’m going to provide for you a two-step plan to get as many volunteers as you want through one simple email. Let’s start with step two. Step Two: send an email asking for volunteers. That one email will result in as many volunteers as you need. That is Step Two. Now let’s step back and talk about Step One.

Step One: spend three and a half years pouring into people, caring for leaders, thanking people in a way that matters to them and so much more. Then you can easily send the step two email and have as many volunteers as you need.

So many leaders want step two but don’t realize that doing step one positions them to effectively send out one email and have people come to their aid. Building a sustainable volunteer system takes years to build. But the fruit that can come from that tree is very, very powerful. is the most comprehensive, step-by-step plan to build a sustainable volunteer system. Lead Volunteers will allow you to get organized, retain volunteers and prevent ministry burnout. If you want this two step plan, I can help you create the culture that insures step one is in place so that you can send a simple email and gather all the volunteers that you need.

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Summary: Learn how you can lead, develop a healthy team, and make better decisions by doing it in community.

I’m going to say a shocking statement to you. You do not have what it takes to effectively move forward and make good decisions. During my 10 years in ministry, I tried to NEVER make decisions in isolation. I simply did not have enough data, enough bandwidth, and I could never think of all of the angles. Therefore, I made decisions in community.

I sought to constantly put trusted people around me who had various sources of information and data that I personally did not possess. The body of Christ has many members.

I had a calendar guru who knew all of the school calendars and the football schedules for our entire community and the surrounding communities. I needed her on my decision making team. I had a mom with several kids who helped me see my ideas from the vantage point of a busy mom. I had a technical person gifted at media and communication. The list went on and on.

I simply did not have what it takes within me, as one person, to make good decisions.

Decision making in community beats decision making in isolation every time.

I want to encourage you to learn how you can lead and develop a healthy team and lead in community by checking out We have a wealth of resources to teach you how to build a healthy team and surround yourself with the key players to help you make decisions IN community and stay away from decision making in isolation.  Join Lead Volunteers today.

Summary: Win big for tomorrow by writing out goals and an agenda for the next day, before ending the day today.

At the end of my day, I start with tomorrow in mind. You see, success for me starts the night before. Do you know that we have a conscious and an unconscious part of our brain? Our sub conscious mind is literally spinning and whirling in the background 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our minds are wired to help us solve problems.  Our minds actually want to be put to work. Your mind wants to go to work to fight for you and to help your life go well.

My special trick is to cause my unconscious or subconscious mind to kick into gear and work for me while I sleep. Let me explain. I have a virtual assistant who lives in the Philippines. I assign him tasks right before I go to bed in the United States. And then, while I sleep, that virtual assistant is working on tasks for me during their awake hours.

In the same way, our subconscious mind can be engaged and called to task while we sleep. Your mind can be doing some heavy lifting for us while you sleep. Here is how this works: I engage my subconscious by writing out my goals and agenda for the next day, before ending my day today. In this way, my mind will begin to crunch that data and tee-up those activities in such a way that I can accomplish it in a far easier fashion the next day.

End your day today by planning your day tomorrow, and in doing so, you will engage your subconscious toward tomorrow’s victory.

Go to and gain hundreds of different strategies to get organized, retain volunteers, and prevent burnout.

Summary: Volunteering can seem like just “one more thing” in the busy lives of our volunteers. How can we give our volunteers a sense of value in what they are doing?

The volunteer grind is stressful, week in and week out. Here is why I think it is not only hard but also getting harder.

Volunteers have super busy lives OUTSIDE of the church. When they get “over involved”, they get overwhelmed, they get burned out and quit.

Soccer tournaments. Dance competitions. Traveling leagues. The lake house needs the yard mown and more. Not to mention their 40-45 hour a week job.  People are busy.

Volunteering can be that “ONE MORE THING” that tips people over the edge. Now they are looking at what they can TRIM OUT of their lives.

As leaders of volunteers, we must constantly provide people with a true sense of value. They need to feel that working with you ADDS value to their lives. Would you say that you are adding value to the lives of your volunteers? Are their lives BETTER because they serve with you? Are you adding to their life or are you only extracting from their life?

I want you to consider an investment in the Lead Volunteers course.  Intesting in Lead Volunteers is an investment in a BETTER you. A better you leads to a better ministry. A better you leads to a healthier volunteer team.

I really want to invite you to join the Lead Volunteers Community. You do not need to do this thing alone.  You need someone in your corner. I want to be in your corner, whispering into your ear tips, tactics and secretly providing you with tools. Join the Lead Volunteers community today and kick start YOUR growth as a leader.

Summary: Lead and care for your volunteers well, so they don’t want to quit because of their leader.

The most demoralizing phrase I heard as a ministry leader was “I think God is calling me to do something different”. Now, if you are in ministry I guarantee you’ve heard this phrase. It is typically given on a Sunday morning at just about the worst time possible. Been there, done that.

Now while we may not appreciate the volunteers timing when they give us this demoralizing news, I don’t want to beat up volunteers too much. For all I know, God IS CALLING them to do something different. However, in my decade of experience as a ministry leader, I have found that people don’t quit ministries, they quit leaders.

You see, it’s my inability to care for them as a volunteer that makes them want to quit. It is my inability to look out for their needs that makes them want to stop serving. It is my inability to meet their needs before they know they have any that compels people to want to make a change. It is my inability to care about them as a person that has caused them to decide that God is calling them to do something different. It’s my inability to care for them as a shepherd that’s causing them to think “ya know, maybe this isn’t worth it and maybe God is calling me to do something else”.

People don’t quit ministries, they quit leaders. I challenge you to take personal pains to increase your own leadership game so people will no longer quit because of you.

Someone recently sent me a text. He is currently a member of the LEADVOLUNTEERS program and he said, “You could have just as easily called this material How To Be A Better Pastor as opposed to LEADVOLUNTEERS”.

Listen, do you want to be a better pastor? Do you want some Done-For-You tools to make your life and leadership better? I know you do. Join today and let’s get started.

Summary: Skill development and hard work will keep you fresh and alive.

If you are coasting, you are going down hill. I’m a life-long learner, and I am always seeking to create something new. My desire to create new things often catapults me into a space where I need more info and I need to learn something new to actually conquer that hill that’s in front of me. I like new challenges. However, I often find myself stranded half way through the journey. I need to actually learn a new skill before moving forward. I often say “what have I gotten myself into this time”. The skills that I currently have will not allow me to scale up that new mountain. So, midway in the journey, I have to learn something in order to keep going. Here’s the thing, hard work and skill development will keep you keep you fresh and alive. What you don’t need to do is stay in a safe rut. Safe ruts are not going to motivate and inspire you.

My challenge to you today is grab onto something new. Don’t coast, because if you are coasting, you will be going downhill. Skill development and hard work will keep you fresh and alive. That’s why I created LEADVOLUNTEERS to give you, even the seasoned leader, a brand new take on an old challenge. LEADVOLUNTEERS exists to help you get refreshed, organized, and prevent ministry burn out.

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Summary: Bring order and organization to your job so you have margin to love people, share Christ, and bandage the wounded.

My mission, simply put, is to help ministry leaders experience joy in their calling. So many ministry leaders experience pain and discomfort in their job. People feel a sense of calling and they enter the ministry with great hopes and expectations only to be bombarded and bamboozled by all the different tasks that come their way. The majority of people in the church today do not understand the sheer volume of administrative duties that come with being on staff at a church. My goal is to help bring order and organization to ministry leaders so that they have margin to love people, share Christ, and bandage the wounded.

I didn’t get into ministry to run the machine. I got into ministry to love people. I think so many in ministry find themselves behind the wheel of a very complex piece of machinery. They get overwhelmed not knowing how to peel themselves away from all of the gears, buttons, and demands of the job. We need to be freed from the details in order to free ourselves to have critical conversations and spirit-led discussions that lead to true life change.

That’s why I created LEADVOLUNTEERS. I want to help systematize your ministry life. I want to bring order to the chaos of enlisting volunteers in the work of the ministry. LEADVOLUNTEERS exists to help ministry leaders get organized, stop the revolving door of volunteers, and prevent personal ministry burnout.

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Summary: Don’t get trapped in a cycle of constant recruiting and training. Get tools for retaining volunteers.

Do you want to hear something hard that I KNOW you can relate to?  It is something that people outside the church world just do not understand.

After you have poured into someone for years and then they walk up and tell you, “Hey, I think God is calling me to do something different. I need to step down from my volunteer role.”

Boom. Just like that you feel sunk. I heard it said, “When a professor quits, a library burns”.  All of that critical knowledge and experience – POOF – it’s gone.

In the same way, when a volunteer quits  - and I mean a good one – POOF – so much is lost.  I get it. I do not want you to lose another precious volunteer again. I build lead volunteers for three simple reasons:

Number One: Get organized. Number Two: Stop the revolving door of volunteers. And Number Three: Prevent ministry burn out.

WE MUST grow our game to take care of volunteers.  This starts with you. I want you to be a part of the Lead Volunteers Community. You are not in this alone. We have a wonderful and ever-growing team of people who have joined Lead Volunteers. We have a space for you. We have a community.

Let’s GO.  Let’s do this. Let’s do this thing together.  Join today.

Summary: Reach out to volunteers to bless, encourage, and pray for them. Be known for pouring into them.

How would you feel if you knew that volunteers cringed when they saw the church phone number come up on caller ID?  Think about that. They see the church number on caller ID and they know the church is clearly asking them to do something. Do you remember Pavlov’s dogs? The bell rings and the mouths of the dogs salivated. The phone rings, it’s the church, prepare to be asked to do something. Sadly, we have conditioned our people.

In order to reset this conditioned response, we need to begin to reset the pattern. What if we called to bless, encourage, and pray for them. We can’t only be known for extracting things from them. We must be known for pouring things into them.

Call one volunteer today. Ask for nothing. Give and don’t just take. We need to call volunteers and ask nothing of them. We need to call them to bless them, pray with them and that’s it.

LEADVOLUNTEERS has a 7-page packet with suggested calling scripts. We call it the “No Ask Calling Script”. It even has spaces to write someone’s name and a space to record the date that you’ve called them.

As leaders, I believe that we can do better. LEADVOLUNTEERS is here to make it happen and help you make your leadership development happen faster.

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